A Twice Lived Fragment of Time

UCI Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, Irvine, 10/03/2013 - 11/27/2013


Will Rogan’s solo project, A Twice Lived Fragment of Time, connects the past to the present through the simple act of collecting and organizing obsolete imagery. Composed of images gathered from de-accessioned library books, Rogan’s artwork sheds new meaning on what has been forgotten. This archive of the outmoded not only references the desires of a nostalgic return; it also probes the politics involved in governing information to the public. In the process, poignant questions arise. At what moment in time is information yielded obsolete, and to what end are decisions made to relinquish this information from our systems? Revisiting these fragments of time now lost, Rogan’s work reaches out to the past imaginatively to rethink our future.

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