Global Suburbia

Abington Art Center, Pennsylvania, Jenkintown, 08/30/2008 - 11/30/2008

515 Meetinghouse Road


"Global Suburbia” has no particular axe to grind. Its primary goal is to present really great works of art that are as innovative in their format as they are in their content. As it turns out, many U.S. artists actually grew up in the suburbs, so most have been influenced by suburban environments, though only a handful actually make art that address these issues. Since we found artists focused on all sorts of ‘burbs, “Global Suburbia” will honor this growing trend. In fact, the world’s 10 largest suburbs (populations over 800,000) aren’t even located in the U.S. Countries like Indonesia (3), Mexico (1), Japan (2), Brazil (1), India (2), and the Philippines have us beat at our own game. Art inspired by the suburbs of London, Bangkok, Barcelona, Normandy, and the Alps will abut art inspired by Austin, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York, and California suburbs.

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Mark Shetabi

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