Hendrik Krawen, Dominik Louda and Dietmar Lutz

Engholm Galerie, Wien, Vienna, 01/14/2011 - 03/05/2011

Schleifmühlgasse 3


In the new exhibition, the three artists Hendrik Krawen (*1963, Lübeck), Dominik Louda (*1985, Tamsweg) and Dietmar Lutz (*1968, Ellwangen) approach the topic ‘space’ each in a very different manner.

In his extremely precise paintings, Hendrik Krawen shows a plethora of details which surrounds us every day. Lanterns follow after signposts, fragments of buildings and billboards in front of a monochrome background. By adopting the role of an observer, the painter shows to the viewer motifs that they see every day but are nonetheless not aware of. He increases the value of everyday objects to an almost immeasurable extent through his precise way of painting and the enlargement to a massive size. However, person is always shown as nothing but a silhouette. No matter if depicted as an inhabitant of the sterile scenery or as testimonial on an advertising medium, human as a silhouette is equated with his surroundings.

Also Dietmar Lutz deals with everyday situations in his works, which are partly only painted as an intimation. His landscapes seem idyllic at first glance but contain a moment of tipping over into a restless, almost disturbing status. Several of the subjects bring to mind photographs taken on a holiday, which can be found in most people’s photo albums. In fact, Dietmar Lutz takes his inspiration mainly from numerous journeys, his personal memories as well as photographs and movies, which he gives the sense of wanderlust through his choice of vibrant colours and broad brushstroke.

In contrast, Dominik Louda’s works and his construction of space are deserted. There is no hint to where these spaces can be found. Only on closer inspection, we understand that these spaces are not real. Numerous fragments of seemingly not matching architecture, which are taken from magazines, books, the internet and the painter’s own photographs, are knotted together into a unity by the use of recurring colours, shapes and geometric elements. In order to perfect the symbiosis and to distinct the levels of the painting from one another, Louda occupies himself intensively with the possibility of portraying raw materials

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