Intervention: Werner Reiterer

Belvedere, Wien, Vienna, 11/19/2009 - 03/28/2010

Rennweg 6


Werner Reiterer (b.1964 in Graz) works with a great variety of media. Employing conspiratorial methods, he succeeds in implanting sculptural components into space that leave unforeseen impressions thanks to the consistent distortion of traditional parameters. His intervention Breath invites the public to actively overcome socioculturally acquired behavioral rules. The interactive nature of his installation functions as a “sculptural catalyst” capable of enlightening and lightening up both the visitors and the museum as an institution and architectural structure. When the visitors follow Reiterer’s instructions and scream as loud as they can, the Belvedere’s Marble Hall will awake from its Baroque slumber to an impressive light and sound installation.

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Werner Reiterer

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