Ulf Aminde

Berlin, Germany
APT Berlin
Artist Social Media
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Ulf Aminde (b.1969 Stuttgart, Germany) graduated in 2004 with a diploma from the Universität der Künste in Berlin. Since then he has lived and worked with video, photography and performance art through his staging of situations.

The situations that he seeks out and stages in his works put into question social conditions and how they are perceived.

The Berlin-based artist constantly attempts a crossing of boundaries: His works do not limit themselves to the fine arts, but overlap with the fields of theatre and performance. Aminde blurs the boundaries between amateur and professional actors, and he is concerned with people in social disharmony: from the homeless to alcoholics and IKEA customers; he utilizes the representation of a milieu as a stage for his subject. At the Berlin Biennale in 2006, he gave street musicians a stage, letting them converge into a disharmonic orchestra. He “would like to formulate the disbelief in the concept of society, a disbelief that society has in itself”. He demonstrates this through his highly successful installations: In 2003 he won the Helmut Thomas Award, and in 2006 the Author and Producer Award from Bremen’s Young Theatre.

Through his art, Aminde has long left the borders of Germany behind. His works have been shown in many cities, among them Paris, Madrid, Fribourg, Lausanne, Antwerp, Florence, Pori and Oslo. A critic once wrote that the terms uprising—outburst—arrival stand at the centre of his work. That belief is shared by many.

[Text from the Goethe-Institut]


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