John Bauer

Los Angeles, California, USA
APT New York
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  • Around 1980, at about the time when the surviving members of Joy Division changed their name to New Order, Bernard Sumner, their lead guitarist, said “Our music had become so incredibly dark and cold, we couldn’t really get any darker or colder.” Of course, as that statement suggests, their freshly minted name was not the only change the group was fixing to make post–Ian Curtis. The band was set to embark on a turnabout of their sonic identity—modifying their iconic post-punk sound to something that would incorporate the synthetic instruments and some formal elements of electronic club music. These changes were the basis for correcting their perceived temperature problem, to experience heat after death.

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  • APT LA-based painter John Bauer is now represented by Mark Moore Gallery 

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John Bauer (b. 1971 San Diego, California) received a BA in Studio Art in 1993 from the University of California in Santa Barbara, California. Selected solo exhibitions include: Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2013); Patricia Low Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland (2010); Galleri SE, Bergen, Norway (2009); Gallery Van Bau, Vestfossen, Norway (2009); Maruani & Noirhomme, Knokke, Belgium (2008); solo presentation Art Brussels with Patricia Low Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium (2008); Patricia Low Contemporary in Gstaad, Switzerland (2007); John Bauer at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2007); Free-Floating Anxiety at Bellwether Gallery in New York (2003); and New Oils at Clementine Gallery in New York (1998). Selected group exhibitions include Abstract America: New Art from the US, Saatchi Gallery, London, England (2009); New York's Finest at Canada Gallery in New York (2005); Grotto II at Jessica Murray Projects in Brooklyn (2004); and Hello Chelsea at Bellwether Gallery in New York. He is represented by Patricia Low Contemporary, Switzerland.

John Bauer’s abstract paintings feature a distinct color palette of blacks and silvers sometimes combined with other high-key colors like magenta. Within Bauer's paintings, images of abstraction are subjected to processes of abstract painting. Gestures are photographed and silk screened. Marks are duplicated in different scales within the same painting. He appropriates his own work into new compositions where imagery cancels, deletes, shifts and over-writes itself. Through a painting process that is methodical yet immediate, removed and also direct, Bauer remixes the spontaneous act and the programmed decision. His paintings thus challenge our perceptions and expectations of expressionistic painting.

John Bauer lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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