We are proud to announce the launch of APT On View - a new artwork loan service that caters to luxury settings beyond the gallery or museum walls.


In finding creative ways to reach prestigious clientele, we’re increasing our efforts to curate smaller-scale exhibitions of the APT Collection to private collectors and investors in their own environments:targeting luxury spaces like hotels and corporate offices seeking to differentiate their spaces for their influential clientelle.


Our goal is to put your artwork on a bigger stage, and we’re forming partnerships and strategic collaborations to meet that end. And, drawing on the success of our initial venture, Neuehouse in New York, we’re generating the kind of interest that leads to increased exposure of you and your artwork, and ultimately, to sales.


Our team for APT On View offers on-site curatorial services using the breadth and richness of the APT Collection to enhance private spaces with engaging APT Collection artworks. And of course, logistics and insurance are covered and maintained as well.

For more information, please contact: info@aptglobal.org