Artist Spotlight on Mei Xian Qui


Name: Mei Xian Qiu

Where I live: Los Angeles

My greatest inspiration: The village I grew up in central Java -- the sights, sounds, stories, the feel of its heat, dust, wetness, the village fires, the density of the jungle, the culture of batik, the little intrigues, its little macrocosm of the world. 

My hero: My father

My most treasured possession: My mind

My favorite thing to do:  Leaping tall buildings in a single bound

My favorite words to live by: Sit still

My proudest moment or my greatest achievement: Smiling with black teeth as a small child

The best advice I received:  Marina Abromovic:  “To know whether or not you are an artist is like breathing.  You just breathe, or else you have to die.”

The best advice I ever gave:  Take the next step.  Don’t be afraid of the story you have to tell.

I joined APT because: I have a tremendous respect for its artists and am wowed by its concept

Currently working on: Solo show for Kopeikin Gallery and an exhibit in Sao Paolo

Currently exploring issues of: Self invented identities in an increasingly global mono culture

What I love most about creating art/ being an artist: The freedom to follow an idea to its conclusion

I create art where I feel: Safe


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