Frieze Art Fair New York 2014 Announces Projects with APT Artists Koki Tanaka and Naama Tsabar



This year at Frieze New York, the Frieze Projects program will feature seven site-specific Projects, situated both within the fair and outdoors in Randall's Island Park. Among the seven artists selected are APT artists Koki Tanaka and Naama Tsabar.


"Koki Tanaka will insert a series of incongruous presences, inviting representatives from the ‘invisible communities’ that inhabit Randall’s Island to spend the day at the fair, carrying out activities that are not usually performed at Frieze."

For more from Koki Tanaka at APT, click here.


"Naama Tsabar has conceived a mini music festival which will take place outside the fair in the bucolic landscape of Randall’s Island, referring to its history of important musical events such as the legendary 1970 Jimi Hendrix concert."

To see more works from Naama Tsabar and read her artist profile at APT, click here


Curated by Cecilia Alemani, Frieze Projects is realized annually at Frieze New York, showcasing newly commissioned works by international artists. More about this significant art world event, including projects by other selected artists, here.