Poorism: A Boers-Li Gallery Group Exhibition

Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, Beijing, 08/02/2008 - 09/14/2008


Boers-Li Gallery is pleased to announce a coming group exhibition in the main project space, opening on 2 August and running through 14 September. Entitled Poorism, the show will critically address discourses of spiritual and material wealth and poverty in 2008 China, including works by Liu Xiaodong, Xu Tan, Qiu Xiaofei, Liu Wei, Gong Jian, Yang Xinguang, and Zhang Liaoyuan. As China prepares for its Olympic summer, it has projected an image of national wealth and international standing. This exhibition questions this message, casting doubt on the interplay between wealth and poverty. Indeed, this issue may be nowhere more visible than in the Beijing art world, where documentarians of rural poverty live as wealthy urbanites, where luck and talent are often at odds in the creation of art stars. This exhibition takes the space of the gap—between rich and poor, between urban and rural, between China and the West—as a critical tool, engaging in a grounded critique of both the domestic economic structure as a whole and the art world’s interior contradictions. What is ignored, what is elided, what is forgotten, what is left behind? What is lost in this space?

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