Exhibition focusing on the affects and emotions conjured by the pleasures and whims of our imagination






Berlin, 31 July 2013APT Institute is delighted to present Caution! Things may appear different than they are, a group exhibition displaying artworks from the Artist Pension Trust® collection and curated by Pamela Auchincloss and Susanne Prinz), ELEVEN+.


Today’s world is filled with enigmatic signifiers and deceptive representations making for experiences that are often uncanny, surreal, fantastic, and often misleading. Enlightenment saw beauty as a "delight that is consistent with reason." In reference to an aesthetic quality not in opposition to beauty, but a quality of a grander and possibly higher importance than beauty, the ‘Sublime’ was introduced. Originally referring to feelings experienced when traveling the Alps, it quickly was used to describe situations when the imagination is moved to awe instilled with a degree of horror by what is "dark, uncertain, and confused“ (Edmund Burke).


Thus, the artworks included in this exhibition play on the affects and emotions conjured by the pleasures and whims of our imagination, quite often turning into disquieting experiences. The references range from individual psychology to political issues. Some follow a cause. Others reflect their own manipulative design with a humorous attitude.  


The exhibition will feature artists Veronica Brovall, Rick Buckley, Paolo Chiasera, Jeanne Dunning, Tommy Hartung, Stef Heidhues, Geof Oppenheimer, Yehudit Sasportas, Mungo Thomson and Siebren Versteeg with more still being added, and is taking place in the unique surrounding of the old AEG compound in Nuremberg, Germany. All exhibiting artists are members of Artist Pension Trust, an organization 

founded in 2004 to provide select artists with financial security and international exposure.




Exhibition Facts


Location: Auf AEG, Halle 20

Fürther Straße 244 - 254
Muggenhofer Straße 132 / 135 
90429 Nuremberg

Press Preview: 12 September 2013

Opening Weekend: 14-15 September 2013

Dates: 14 September – 12 October 2013

Tel: +49 30 2089 6802

Emal: info@aptinstitute.org

Website: http://www.aptglobal.org/Pages/Event/2650


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About APT Institute

APT Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Artist Pension Trust® in response to the needs among contemporary artists for global exposure and recognition of their artwork. Designed for curators, museums, and art organizations worldwide, Loans & Exhibitions facilitates loan requests and exhibition planning from the APT Collection; Art Concierge tailors art interactions between curators or other qualified art professionals and APT artists; and Global Connect arranges artist-in-residence programs, studios opportunities and artists networking exclusively for APT artists. 



About ELEVEN +

Eleven+ is a uniquely informed collective of curators from around the
world. Principals Pamela Auchincloss (New York) and Susanne Prinz (Berlin) conceived of this model in response to the global character of the
art world and the yet unmet need for a professional organization to navigate it. As art institutions, commercial art ventures such as art fairs and cultural festivals, biennales, public art projects and municipal initiatives seek to make informed and relevant decisions about their programs, Eleven+ is uniquely positioned with intelligent and worldly knowledge drawing from their collective experience. While all accomplished as individual curators and arts administrators, it is their collaborative practice that distinguishes their services.